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Lead roofing is a traditional roofing method which has been used in the industry for hundreds of years, and is therefore proven to be extremely reliable. Lead roofing, and sand cast lead in particular, is ideal for old buildings such as churches or historical renovations, whereas milled lead roofing is a mass produced alternative, used for precision and accuracy in homes and commercial buildings alike.

Alternatively, machine cast lead offers a very similar finish to milled and can be more cost effective.

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Lead Roofing -  CRS Roofing

Flexibility: An extremely flexible material, lead sheeting can be pulled taut and stretched around tricky shapes and areas for total coverage.

SEALANT: Lead’s flexibility lends itself to give excellent sealing properties when used with the correct neutral cure sealants.

LONGEVITY: A good quality, lead roof can last as much as three times longer than other roofing materials.

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